Q. Where are you located?
     We are located in Savannah, GA and are a closed rattery. Pick up will be in a public location, usually the PetSmart parking lot on Victory.

Q. What is your adoption fee? Is there a deposit?
     The adopt fee is currently $30/pair. There is not a deposit required to reserve at this time but this may change in the future. 

Q. Is there a return policy?
     If you find that your new pet rats are not a good fit for your lifestyle or if their are health or temperament issues you can return your rats to me for a full refund for up to 14 days after your adoption date. After such time, you can still return your rats but no refund will be offered. I’m always happy to take back critters you cannot keep for any reason. Delivery back to me is the responsibility of the adopter.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
   Cash or PayPal. We are working on accepting other methods of payment.

Q. Do you ship or deliver?
   Shipping via air is very expensive and I do not have experience in that so it’s not something offered at this time.  We are no longer offering delivery due to time constraints.

Q. What type of rats do you breed?
     Currently, we focusing on temperament. We primarily have blue, blue agouti, black, beige, and fawn; berkshire and hooded; dumbo and standard; smooth and rex coated.

Q. Can I only adopt one rat?
     Rats are social creatures and should never be kept alone. We require all rats to be adopted in pairs, unless specifically stated at the time of reservations. Exceptions to this are made on a case by case basis.

Q. What do you have available right now?
     Check out the “Nursery” page for information on current litters. Our Facebook page is usually kept the most up-to-date. Currently available litters will usually be a in a pinned post.

Q. Can I join a waiting list?
     After we relocated we decided to disband the official waiting list. If you decide to pre-submit an application when we have no rats available, we will keep it on file. When its time for reservations, let me know that you have already submitted an application. Rat reservations are first come first serve.

Q. Do your rats come with cages?
     No, we do not send anything with our rats other than an adoption certificate. We are looking to sell merch in the future such as hammocks and tshirts. You must have a cage and all other necessary items before coming to pick up. Please see the care guide and shopping list on the left menu.

Q. Why is your adoption fee so high?
     Pet store rats are bred in bulk by puppy-mill type facilities. They aren’t socialized, aren’t fed or house properly and are sold wholesale to pet stores.  My adoption fee covers a small portion of the cost to breed which includes expensive like quality food, fresh fruits and veggies, cages, toys, potential vet visits and medications.

Q. How are your rats kept? 
     My rats are kept in double critter nations.  Mommas with nursing babies are quarantined in home made bin cages.  I use pine bedding, paper pellets, and fleece.

Q. Do you hard cull?
     Yes. I do hard call on occasion based on two points – litter size and health.  Rats that develop temperament issues later may also be culled. This is a common practice with most breeders.

Q. Do you sell feeders?
     Reptiles need to eat too, I get it! Occasionally, I have have frozen feeders available in small amounts. Contact me if interested. I do not support feeding live to reptiles.