Care Guide

Lifespan: average 2-3 years
Lifestyle: Primarily nocturnal, Very Social
Diet: Omnivore. Protein 12-18%, Fat content less than 4-7%. Higher protein for juveniles and nursing mothers.  Common brands include Mazuri and Oxbow. Many human foods such as peas, pasta, and cereal are safe to be fed as a treat.
Cage: 2 cubic feet per rat. Suitable cages include Critter Nations, Martin’s cages, Rat Manor. Bin cages may also be acceptable.Males and females must be split.
Bedding: Fleece, paper, aspen or kiln dried pine. Never cedar. 
Cleaning: Depending on the type of bedding, the entire cage should be cleaned every 3 days to once a week. Ammonia (from urine buildup) is very irritating to the lungs.
Toys & Accessories:  Fleece hammocks, bird toys, foraging toys, lava ledges. Some rats enjoy wheels.
Health problems: Respiratory infections are common in rats as well as tumors. At first signs of either take your rat to the vet immediately.

Resources: The Rat Guru on Youtube, My Rat FriendsAmerican Fancy Rat and Mouse AssociationRat Fan Club, as well as Facebook groups for rat owners and enthusiasts.