adoption policy

  • Potential adopters must be at least 18 years of age or have the consent of a guardian. 
  • Rats will be sold in same sex pairs only unless specifically stated.
  • Shipping is not available at this time. Delivery fees are outlined in the FAQ.
  • Thoroughly evaluate your living situation, finances, etc. Only proceed with the application if you feel you can commit to the rats for their entire life time.
  • If at any time the adopter is no longer able to take care of the rats, they must be offered back to the rattery before seeking other options. 
  • Refund is available up to 14 days after adoption date. Return delivery is the responsibility of the adopter.
  • The adopter agrees to provide all necessary medical care upon the event of illness as well as proper housing and nutrition.
  • Breeder shall be notified upon rats death of cause of death/illness if known, this is helpful to know what things are common/undesirable in my line.
  • Rats adopted as pets may not be used as feeders.
  • Adopted rats are for pets only. As our lines are new, we are not adopting to breeders at this time but plan to in the future.
  • Adopter confirms that they have done lengthy research on rat care and are prepared for the commitment.