About Us

Twelve Oaks Rattery was established in 2017 in Greensboro, North Carolina and relocated to Savannah, Georgia in 2018. The rattery was formed based on a love and admiration of such a misunderstood species.  We pride ourselves on constantly learning more about rats – their psychology, genetics, and husbandry.

Our mission as a rattery is to provide healthy critters with great temperaments that are great pets for families.  Our long term goal is to produce uniquely patterned, long lived, loving rats. We look forward to increasing the quality of our lines with each season.

We are a small scale breeder that plans to have 3-4 litters per year. We do not believe in back to back or over breeding to ensure healthy parents. The ultimate goal of the rattery is to breed healthy, well tempered rats above all else. Rats adopted from pet stores carry own known genetics and behavioral issues that may cause serious problems for their owners. Adopting from a breeder means these issues are a lot less likely.

Rats are adopted as pets only, not feeders. Additionally, we are not currently adopting to breeders as our lines are so new. We will be opening up to breeders hopefully sometime in 2020. We screen potential adopters to make sure our critters go only to the absolute best homes and are happy to provide education to ensure this.